hello and welcome!

this is a site for me to talk about my interests and personalize to a greater extent than one can on any social media platform, and also for me to give coding a try because why not? while i wasn't around for the web 1.0 days, i can't help but be inspired by all the neocities sites i've seen!

this site is currently a heavy wip. i am coding it pretty much from scratch with zero prior experience in html or css using a variety of tutorials and references to figure out how to do certain things.


aug.5.22 > about page and credits page added as well as a banner! plus a couple of tweaks here and there

aug.3.22 > css styling and index page live! it's still incomplete but i think i am done for now

aug.2.22 > site creation... technically! but none of the coding was done until the following day


  • create a 88x31 badge
  • links page!! i want to do a links page
  • see where you'd like to head after that... :D
  • oh and note to self: do a testimonials page. it would be funny
  • also consider joining a webring!
Chibi sprite of Yan Vismok from Library of Ruina